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Brain Cancer WGS and Clinical Trials Summit

Tuesday 7th May 2024,  Wellcome Genome Campus

Run in conjunction with Wellcome Connecting Science.

This summit, held in conjunction with Wellcome Connecting Science on 7th May 2024 at the Wellcome Genome Campus, brought together 44 delegates from across the UK, representing clinical professions, regional genomic science leads and stakeholders from charities and policymakers.


From the outset, there was consensus from delegates that whole genome sequencing should be offered to all patients, a view that was further strengthened by the end of the summit.

Three small group workshops, with a range of professions and geographical locations represented, defined the top priorities for delivery of their topic:

  • optimising consent and the tissue pathway;

  • streamlining GTAB analysis;

  • delivering a UK brain cancer clinical trials network.

These priority lists were then voted on by the whole group to produce a targeted list of priorities for each area.

The success of the 2024 ‘Brain cancer whole genome sequencing and clinical trials summit’ has enabled a group of clinicians, scientists, AHPs and charities to define the narrative for brain cancer precision medicine to deliver equity and better outcomes for brain cancer patients.

We shall continue to work together to define opportunities to deliver on the consensus statement via the priorities outlined, through support from government (NHSE/NIHR) and the charity sector.


Significant disparity in WGS requests exists, nationwide. The median turnaround time for GMS genomes is under 3 weeks.

WGS disparity.png

How can we make glioma the exemplar cancer for delivering precision medicine and patient impact?

What we need to deliver precision medicine in glioma - 3 workstreams

3 Workstreams.png

Workstream 1: Sample collection

Workstream 1.png

Workstream 2: GTAB Analysis

Workstream 2_edited.png

Workstream 3: Precision trials

Workstream 3.png

Consensus statement

‘Every UK brain cancer patient should have access to whole genome sequencing and timely molecular analysis to access nationally conducted, molecularly stratified, precision medicine clinical trials.’


Medical and Scientific advisory group:

Dr Richard Mair, Assistant Professor in Neurosurgical Oncology & Honorary Consultant Neurosurgeon, University of Cambridge

Dr Patrick Tarpey, Lead scientist for solid cancer, East Genomic Laboratory Hub, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Juanita Lopez, Consultant Medical Oncologist at the Phase I Drug Development Unit, Royal Marsden and the Institute of Cancer Research

Prof Kathreena Kurian, Professor of Neuropathology & Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist, University of Bristol Medical School

Dr Mayen Briggs, Consultant Neuropathologist, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Workshop lead:


Dr Michelle Bishop, Associate Director, Learning and Training, Wellcome Connecting Science

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