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Minderoo Precision Brain Tumour Programme

'Improving outcomes for brain cancer patients with personalised care, infrastructure and systems that aim to be universally accessible throughout the UK National Health Service'

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The Minderoo Precision Brain Tumour Programme is a partnership between Minderoo Foundation, the University

of Cambridge, the NHS, and Illumina. It is a landmark project providing brain cancer patients with access to upfront DNA and RNA whole genome sequencing and to return this data in a clinically meaningful timeframe to inform diagnosis and treatment options. This data is used to stratify patients into precision medicine clinical trials. 

The Programme is recruiting patients at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge to undergo groundbreaking treatment, with an initial target of enrolling 225 adult patients over three years. The ambition is that this pilot will expand to other NHS hospitals throughout the UK to pave the way for a new standard of care for brain tumour patients.


The Programme also provides researchers with unprecedented access to detailed genomic data to identify potential therapeutic targets, develop new treatments and offer innovative clinical trials, aiming to change the statistics on survival for patients.


Within the BCVI, the Minderoo Precision Brain Cancer Programme is integrated closely within our ICARUS Biorepository and forms a key part of our research strategy.

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