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Seminar series

Held every 3-4 months, our seminars showcase brain tumour research across the Virtual Institute membership and provide a networking opportunity for teams in Cambridge.

All seminars are also available as a list on the University of Cambridge's website

A list of past seminars is available below. 

Past seminars

Wed 18th January 2022, 12-1pm

Friederike Hesse | “Imaging response of glioblastoma to radiotherapy using 2H MRI measurements of [2,3-2H2]fumarate metabolism”

Mr Richard Mair | “The Minderoo Precision Brain Tumour Programme”

Wed 20th October 2021, 12-1pm

Mr Richard Mair | “Fragmentation patterns and personalized sequencing of cell-free DNA in urine and plasma of glioma patients”

Dr Omer Bayraktar | “GBM-space: Discovering how the tumour microenvironment regulates glioblastoma cell states”


Wed 14th April 2021, 12-1pm

Mr Stephen Price | ‘Precision Surgery for Glioblastomas’

Dr Petra Hamerlik | "Functional Interplay Between Aberrant DNA Repair & Cellular Hierarchies in Glioblastoma"


Tues 26th January 2021, 12-1pm

Dr Pau Creixell | "Novel approaches to therapeutically target tyrosine kinases driving brain, breast and lung cancer”

Prof David Rowitch & Prof Peter Hutchinson | "Intra-operative MRI for brain tumours"


Tues 6th October 2020, 12-1pm

Dr Manav Pathania | “Developing new models of mutant histone-driven paediatric gliomas”

Dr Rafa Romero Garcia | “Translating neuroimaging and connectomic findings for understanding cognitive recovery in glioma patients”


Wed 1st April 2020, 9-9.30am

Children's Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence (CBTCE) Breakfast Meeting - co-hosted by the Paediatric Cancer and Neuro-oncology Programmes at CRUK Cambridge Centre


Tues 21st Jan 2020, 4-5pm

George Malliaras | EPSRC IRC in Targeted Delivery for Hard-to-Treat Cancers

Chao Li | Characterising Heterogeneity of Glioblastoma using Multi-parametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Wed 9th Oct 2019, 4-5pm

Rohit Sinha | Applying Cognitive Neuroscience methods in Cancer

Ana Rossi | Mechanisms linking hypoxia, type 2 IP3 receptors and invasiveness in glioma cells


Wed 26th June 2019, 4-5pm

Raj Jena | The edge of the cloud - machine learning and mapping glioma on MR imaging

Harry Bulstrode | Targeting Glioma Stem Cells using Zika Virus

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