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CRUK CC Neuro-oncology Conference 2021 banner new2 2083x417.jpg

Bringing together leading brain tumour researchers from Cambridge and the wider international community to share the latest advances in neuro-oncology.

Organised by the CRUK Cambridge Centre Neuro-oncology Programme, the conference agenda ran over two afternoons, structured around the four themes of the Programme:

  • Tumour Metabolism and Imaging

  • Developmental Neurobiology

  • Epi/genomics of recurrence, transformation and treatment resistance

  • Brain metastases

Aimed at clinicians and academics, there will be an international keynote speaker for each theme plus flashtalks from Cambridge postdocs, students and clinical fellows.

Keynote speakers: Prof Ralph DeBerardinis, Prof Nada Jabado, Prof Roel Verhaak, Prof Johanna Joyce & Prof Richard Gilbertson

CRUK Cambridge Centre Neuro-oncology Conference 2021 Steering Committee:

Mr Richard Mair, Mr Stephen Price, Dr Raj Jena, Dr Gary Doherty, Dr Eric Rahrmann

Contact: Gill Currie | Programme Manager |


Image credit: Gemma Girdler (Cerebral organoid)

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