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From April 2022, the Neuro-oncology Programme within the CRUK Cambridge Centre transformed to become the CRUK Brain Cancer Virtual Institute.

The BCVI will unite clinicians and researchers working to improve outcomes for brain tumour patients and their families. Working with partners including the CRUK RadNet programme, the CRUK Children's Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence and members across Cambridge, the BCVI will be driving forward new developments in brain tumour research.

Led by Mr Stephen Price and Mr Richard Mair, this event enabled attendees to hear from a range of different research groups and programmes, as well as benefit from plenty of opportunities to network with researchers and clinicians.


*Confirmed speakers: Dr Richard Baird, Dr Omer Bayraktar, Dr Harry Bulstrode, Prof Charlotte Coles, Dr Pau Creixell, Dr Antonella De Cola, Prof Richard Gilbertson, Dr Petra Hamerlik, Dr Raj Jena, Dr Chao Li, Dr Juanita Lopez, Prof George Malliaras, Dr Eric Rahrmann, Dr Ana Rossi, Prof John Suckling, Dr Ana Tsyben, Dr Huiqi Yang*

Contact: Gill Kortum (Currie)| BCVI Manager |


Image credit: Pathania lab

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